Oil Trading and Financial Services since 1979

About US

NFB GmbH is a German based company with its headquarter in the north of Hamburg. Specialized in the global procurement and distribution of natural energy products and financial activities. Business is managed by highly qualified company managers in a comprehensive interaction with company representatives in Russia, Canada, Switzerland and Austria.

NFB GmbHs expertise predetermines its primary focus on volume trading of crude oil and its derivative products. By virtue of its extensive industry relationships, NFB GmbH is able to offer products from Russia, the Middle East and is well placed to make available spot, short term and long term contracts to fulfill the strong demand for international energy contracts.

NFB GmbH is also involved in international swap-deals for crude oil and derivate products as well and works alongside major refineries only with renowned industry professionals.
The highly dynamic business processes implemented by NFB GmbH management team has enabled it to provide sustainable and reliable trading with partners in an ever-uncertain global marketplace. NFB GmbH steadily adheres to principles of integrity in fulfilling our contractual obligations, which is reflected in credit arrangements achieved with globally recognized bank institutions.
NFB GmbH undertakes an ongoing rigorous appraisal of all aspects of its business practices and procedures to ensure that we deliver the highest levels of quality to every one of our trading associates. NFB GmbHs philosophy is to maintain a reliable name in the industry and its management is committed to this while executing any operation.

NFB GmbH is interested in expanding its commercial and investment portfolio internationally.

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